KM’s Post-birthday Celebration with TSP

Celebrating my birthday with The Smile Project! Two days after my birthdate, The Smile Project held it’s better late than sorry 5th Anniversary! It was always my dream to held something worth doing on my birthday, and here we are.…

2021, May: Smile4Meds

The Coronavirus Dieases (COVID-19) affected some Novo Ecijanos during its high peak infections around the country. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, volunteers had collected and donated medicines, canned goods, milk, coffee, bread, noodles, face mask, and alcohol for COVID-19-positive…

2021, January: Smile 4 Water

The “Smile 4 Water” activity of the Smile Project, sponsored by The Wish Wall Foundation, is an initiative to provide a reliable source of potable water to the indigenous communities of Botolan, Zambales, held last January 16, 2021.