2021, May: Smile4Meds

The Coronavirus Dieases (COVID-19) affected some Novo Ecijanos during its high peak infections around the country. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, volunteers had collected and donated medicines, canned goods, milk, coffee, bread, noodles, face mask, and alcohol for COVID-19-positive patients. A total of 100 packs donated to the barangays in Cabanatuan City, namely Barangay Bitas, Bantug Norte, Bagtug Bulalo, Bangad, Camp. Tinio, Villa Luz, Mabini Homesite, Mabini Extension and Pagas.

Ms. Sheen and Mr. Khino, project heads, distributed the packed medicines, hygiene kits, and groceries to the receiving areas of the COVID-19 isolation facilities.