2021, December: Casiguran, Aurora

In July 2017, the first-ever outreach program of the Smile Project Philippines started. After two years of not having an outreach program since the pandemic commenced, the organization ended 2021 with an outreach program where it all started, at the Casiguran, Aurora. The team traveled almost five hours from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, to Casiguran, Aurora, and went through several checkpoints and verifications of documents.

The team and the tribe’s volunteers carried the goods and walked a few meters from the drop-off point to the tribe. Some used a balsa to cross the mini-river separating the land, while some used the ongoing bridge.

Volunteers, as always, sorted all the donations from our generous sponsors and packed them in a small eco-bag. These bags consist of canned goods, condiments, noodles, rice, toothbrush, toothpaste, alcohol, face mask, and other items.

Every outreach program of TSP is not complete without the 100 pairs of slippers for the bare-foot of kids and the replacement of old slippers for some. A short program was also conducted to provide happiness to the kids. This includes magic tricks, games, and other activities.

The team also prepared Chicken Adobo, a famous Pinoy meal, to fill the empty stomachs of the kids and parents of the community. After playing games and watching magic tricks performed by Abu, our resident magician, the volunteers serve the meal to the community.

The event concluded with the distribution of cookies, school supplies, slippers, groceries, and hygienes to the community.