What We Do?

Bigyang Ngiti Program


Our very mission since the beginning, “Bigyang Ngiti” or Give a Smile is what drives TSP team to go on #adventuresthatmatter – as the slogan implies “making the Philippines smile one outreach at a time’, The Smile Project PH visited indigenous communities and bond with the kids there. In one day, volunteers were able to regroup around 150 kids in the community – play with them, tell stories with them, take lunch with them, and hear their stories as well.

Here in Smile Project, our goal is to make every indigenous kids we visit smile in one day – inspired and in the running to pursue their dreams as well.

Smiling Hands


Beyond slippers and toothbrushes, The Smile Project realized that indigenous kids need to learn about “proper hand hygine” too! It is alarming that 20% of people wash their hands before they eat, and it can be that between that numbers not all of them do the proper handwashing. And did you guys know that damp hands are 1,000x more likely to spread bacteria than dry hands? Yes, hand washing and hand hygine can be two slightly different things.

Our team invites you to join our dream of making the Philippines smile, lifting our fellow indigenous kids with clean hands, to eat clean food!

Adventure that Matters


At Smile, we celebrate our love of adventures with purpose, we smile by making everyone smile. Our love of tribe and treks allow us to explore places and remote areas as well, indeed not only the eye candy places we have been to that keep us going but too much adrenaline for meeting people we never met, especially learning more about appreciating our native communities.

Smile promote responsible tourism too! We rise by sharing the good vibe of responsible travelling and meanwhile incorporating the beauty of the country”s tourism.

Smile for Sustainability


Aside from one day of happiness, Smile introduced sustainability too. Our mission is to make the Philippines smile in our every outreach, but the vision is something that needs to be impactful. Even toothbrush can only be used for three months, we don’t know when our slipper lasts. We want to make them happy but sustainability can make their community happier.

Our best just got better – Smile brings to you its first leap of faith to its Sustainability dream – Kapihan sa Tribo, a seminar project for the benefit of indigenous communities that foresees education on backyard farming and agriculture that yields sustainable living and entrepreneurship.